Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We are all intertwined in this complex web of life where everyday we wake up involuntarily and rush into everyday activities. Have we ever stopped and observed ourselves from a third eye? Imagine having a third eye and watching yourself through that window and observing What you do, who are the people you talk to, what are the activities you do, how your emotional state of mind is, how excited you are each day, how much you think etc? Why do we do all this? to enrich your soul with happiness? to kill time? or to understand the purpose of life? We lock our minds into thinking about worldly things and end up living in blind space. So what is the 'soul' purpose of our life???
Human mind can travel at a very rapid pace. The moment you close your eyes you can go from the center of the earth to the farthest corner of the universe and construct images in our minds. However its not real.Why do we go through this experience of life? Take a minute or two to think and I will continue with my thoughts with the next one!