Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well my first attempt at Cartoon! I am not a cartoon person! I have not read too many comic books but always seen toon strips and comics online as well as in some books. I have always had that interest to create those toons myself one day! Diff people laugh for diff. strips but there is a common language these imaginary enthusiasts follow and would be great if I understand it out for more...!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digital Photography!


I always believe in being Altruistic! Lots of values reflect in each person and its very important to focus on these magical values given to us by birth and make other people around us special!

If every person around you is like this, life becomes so much easier and the world becomes a better place to live!


We give lots of support and advice to other people but when it comes to our own life, the decision becomes really hard! Can we guide ourselves? Well depends on how much you are willing to forgo! If your friend is out of a job, since you are having a big cushion of being in a job, you happily advise that friend to take it cool and apply for the next posiible job! But when it happens to you, you realize that its first of all a threat to your survival, a social embarassment and a sudden downward path in your career. All these feelings hit you and you change your outlook towards the same friend who also lost the job.

How to think Positively

How to think positively?

Its very important to realize the potential of positive feelings that life has to offer and not worry about small things. We end up wasting half of our lives emanating negative waves inside our system and end up losing the best things life has got to offer. Life is a joy ride and we need to experience the joy ride without getting disturbed by extraneous factors. There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors which can affect the way we think and feel about life every moment. Lets take a moment to look at one’s life closely

Some of the examples of things that I am talking about! How to tackle a bad day!
How bad can your day get? How low can you feel in one day when nothing works your way? The best way to look at this would be, its not working your way cos you have a set way of life and anything which deviates from your happy understanding of your life, there is a big problem. I am listing out all the negative things that can happen to your day to day life.

Its 10 AM in the morning, already woke up twice during the night and had terrible nightmares. You wake up very late on a working day at 10! Missed an important meeting to attend at 10.30 at your workplace. You feel very low already. you get into the bathroom to brush your teeth To find that there is no toothpaste to even brush your teeth. And you turn around inside the bathroom to find lots of insects coming out of a broken pipe. The bathroom is filled with termites and requires immediate cleaning. You open the water tap and theres no water. Screwed up! You decide to run to your apartment management and ask why the hell theres no water coming in your tap! On the way you find that your doors are locked from outside and you have no clue about who locked it, you are trapped inside. Well, what do you do? You decide to call someone for help! Your cell phone battery has died out and you start searching for a charger. You are unable to find it and after searching for like 20 minutes in your room, you spot it. Wait, theres no power too! What the helllllllllllll.. no power no water!! How do you make a phone call ? who do you call? What do you do? Close the bathroom doors and you get some water from fridge and rinse your mouth first. Suddenly you realize that theres a landline connection in your house which you have not used at all and you connect an old instrument to that line and you start dialing!

No response from apartment manager! Call your friend next door, no response. Call your friend at workplace, goes to voicemail. Call an alternative number for the apartment management, an old lady picks up the phone. You are so glad that someone is answering your call, but she has no clue what you are talking about and you realize that you have dialed a wrong number. Jesus! Calling the right number this time hping for an attendant. Finally you get a response saying there is a power outage and there will be no water supply for the next 3 hours and a notice had already been sent to you (which you happily threw it into the trash). You request for an alternate key to your door. Finally someone opens your door but not with a smile but with a classic .357 magnum revolver and points the gun right at your face. You are scared to death and claim that you have nothing with you. He ends up throwing the gun inside your house and for claims that he was playing a trick on you! The door is open finally! You climb down the stairs straight to your car with your wallet. Someone has stolen your car speakers and your windshield is broken! The car is fully wet due to overnight rain and is soaked with water. You end up clearing the mess and finally decide to drive to the store closeby to buy a toothpaste!!! The fuel has also been emptied and the fuel guage shows that you have no gas! You drive upto the gas station close to your house and its currently under maintainence and is closed. The next station closest to your house is 3 miles away and you are not sure if your car will go that far. On the way, you find that three accidents have occurred and lots of emergency rescuers are present in the scene. Trying to resolve your own problems, you ignore them and head towards the gas station, The car comes to a smooth halt and here you go in the middle of nowhere with very few cars passing by. The emergency flashers in your car doesn’t work and all you have is an ugly white board. Quickly figuring out ways to solve this, you walk down to the gas station and fill gas in your coke bottles and come back to restart your car. Your car is still safe. Its now 3 hours and things must have gotten back to shape in your house. You repent your decision to buy the toothpaste. You screw that idea and head back to your house to see that the termites have multiplied in your bathroom. You quickly clean it and think that everything will be fine now! You take a quick shower and goes to his workplace exactly at 1pm just to hear the news that the clients have turned down their offer to his firm and the company had to take a hard decision to lay him off! What a horrible feeling to lose your job! You feel very low. Totally disgusted with life, you feel that you have lost everything!